While in school, I went with some friends from my dorm to a shore just south of Santa Cruz.

It was not a nude beach and my friends as well as I did not go naked, but there were several other people who were nude. It was obvious that the skinny dippers were having a great time and didn’t care who else saw them. This was a completely new concept for me. There clearly was no “You show me yours and I Will show you mine” quid pro quo, that is the way I comprehended nudist parks to function. The approach was “I am going bare because I love it and everyone else can only cope with it.”
I used to not go bare that day because I did not know what the approach of my friends would be toward it.

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It wasn’t until a couple of years afterwards when I had access to a car that I went to Bonny Doon Beach just north of Santa Cruz. I’d gone alone that day but there were loads of others on the beach and the majority of them were bare. I didn’t have any important worries about taking my clothes off, but I was assured to find that nobody was laughing and pointing and that I didn’t have any difficulties suppressing my degree of arousal. I found that within a couple of minutes I was able to relax and simply love being on the seashore. There were a whole new string of pleasant sensations such feeling the sun along with the wind all over my body and running along http://kors4all.com and jumping in the water with no soggy bathing suit. The encounter lived up to my expectations. Afterwards, I’d see nude beaches a number of times each summer whenever the opportunity availed itself.
I eventually married a very proper woman who I met at church. I assumed at the time that we got engaged that I ‘d be giving up nude beaches forever. It was her first time nude on a beach and she totally enjoyed it. Now when we go on more , we seek out nude beaches and prefer to stay at nudist resorts.

This past summer, we tried nudism for the first time, and I can’t say it came naturally to us.

Sure, we’d some questions as well as lots of uncertainties, but the conditions were such that we were pushed into this movement fortunately, to never repent it after!

We used to go holidaying to the hot nations three years in a row before last summer. Our dream vacation spot is a long beach, left, with coconut trees, clear and warm water. We had the opportunity to go holidaying several times in previous years, but this year, together with the catastrophe, my buddy lost his occupation, he was lucky to locate one shortly after, but once bitten and twice shy, you know, so we were determined to spend as little for holidaying as we could this time. What we wanted to do was go fifteen days on vacation in a relatively inexpensive, not exceedingly crowded and bright.
It was all good, but the past two criteria were http://picsnudists.com . For example, on the Riviera everything is expensive, and following an encounter of a friend in 2007 to Collioure, the sun occasionally keeps the UV starved tourists waiting.
In May, when I was doing my researches, there clearly was no question of going into structured naturist campsite, but they were all too expensive. And I came across the site of a swimming pool campsite, 10 kilometer from the shore, with small number of seats… I liked it very much from the very s tart, except that I ‘d not noticed that it was a nudist camp. What a disappointment it was when I came to understand it! I didnt know what to think of http://voyeurwebz.com .
I continued my research for a week, but I found nothing I liked. I didn’t even dare to talk with my boyfriend, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Could we really make it? I’m 27 years old, but I’m not a bombshell. My height is 1 m 74 for 62 lbs, and luckily I have no midriff, but no breasts either, and I got everything in the buttocks, 92 inches, as well as cellulite, I was entirely stiffened by reluctance to show them away. That’s why I mainly fancy abandoned shores where nobody can observe that part of my body.
Then I began reading posts about naturists, I believed, also, that in a campground this size so close to the sea there would be few during the day by the poolside. And anyways, nude people definitely kept a greater distance between their mats. Some phrases comforted me very much: respect for others, close to nature, ecology… I finally contacted the campsite: no troubles with booking. All was going well, the only thing remaining was to talk to my boyfriend, who taken instantaneously.
And then there came the fateful moment when we were standing before the gate. We got registered, unpacked and settled, with the only crucial thing remaining to be done undressing! And it’s not too clear, I am already quite elaborate with my physical and there is also something that I ‘d not thought of: I’m Belgian, blonde, with blonde skin and my skin is extremely white. I am ever so fearful to get sunburnt! Luckily, it was already a late day, the pool had closed, it was getting a little cool, I wanted to prevent stripping and besides I was not the only one dressed in the evening (many teenagers, as well as girls of my age, were dressed, also).
So the following morning it was the toughest. I went to the blocks with simply a t-shirt on. So it was the first time I exhibited buttocks and my genitals in public. I was a bit surprised on arriving at the washroom: no cabin using a door, you take a shower together, which is legitimate in a sense. So I ‘d no option, it was necessary that I took off my top to take my shower, making it the first time being nude in front of a dozen of folks. It reassured me a lot and after my shower I returned to the tent naked. We then went to the pool, there were a few people, but I didn’t feel what I hate about the fabric beaches, meeting dozens of dirty looks that appear to say “look at this one with her fat ass!”.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Here, nobody looked at me, I lived in utter indifference, and I was entirely filled with this particular ambience.
And what about the bath I couldn’t believe it, I still virtually even hard to trust that feelings are so different, so fine it was with just having to remove a small piece of cloth! I, who did not like swimming, I remained for hours in water. I loved it, swimming, diving, playing with my boyfriend. I felt renovated, it absolutely was not me but another girl who eventually found the joy of bathing. Additionally, it was not like other campgrounds that we attended. Generally at textile campsites, the pool is squatted by children crying, agitated in every direction. Here, there were also kids, they played fine, but it was more respectful of other swimmers. The pool was quite large, it’s also there, but I feel the same pool in a fabric campsite was overly noisy.
I’m now a frequent visitor of that campsite, in addition to my boyfriend; I keep on browsing gallery nudism section at their site hoping to find us as one of the most faithful nude beachers of all of the times!

Hi, I haven’t yet had the nudist experience which I would call my first time coming out to the world and saying hi

I am a nudist, but am only 18 so I guess I ‘ve plently of time to, however I have had many occassions when I have purposely selected to be nude and have really loved it.

I ‘ve a reasonably conservative breeding however my parents view is basically that it is alright for people to see you nude, you ought not be ashamedof your body, but you need to be clothed pretty much all of the time, besides changing, showering etc.
I’ve only in the last six months I’ve started sleeping bare, I’ve found it quite confortable and clean and even sleep better, my parents have woken me up some morning, finding me naked, I utilized the excuses “i could not find pj’s/boxers, hot nighttime got really hot and itchy” etc, clearly I should have said, its more confortable, I sleep better, heaps of ppl do it, but being worried about their opinion of me I did not say the above.
About 3 months ago I went back to a mates house late one night with 3 women and 4 men (including me), all close firends, being summer we chose to go for a swim in his quite warm pool. I figure the strategy was to swim in knickers but two of the girls said they were not keen because they did not have bras on, due to the dresses they were wearing, My male mate said, ive got my boxers but am going in naked cause this is precisely what im slepping in. A good explanation! and then my other friend said yeah im just going in in the nud, but you. One of my male friends got in (naked), the one of the girls suprisingly stripped down and dived in (she has http://girlnudist.com ). I having swimmed naked in my own personal pool did not feel to uncumfortable and dived in. Among the girls thought it was kind of funny and took her bra off and jumped in (leaving her bottom knickers on), followed by the other man (nude) and the past girl (in her underwear). It was excellent, there was lots of laughter initially and a bit of covering up,but shortly everybody became more relaxed and we only spoke generally and swum around for hours. Although I guess it was alcohol that played a role in folks being so confident to simply dive in, including me, it turned out to be a great opportunity and alibi to do it. But the best part was that it was non sexual, only a group of friends appreciating there firm, naked, there was no questions asked or encouragement for the other two girls to strip completely, because it was an individual selection. Too often people think that once you have gotten nude it has to escalate to sex.
http://nudiststeen.com appeared out of no where and was pleased to see me in the spa and then noticed my panties realising that I ‘d just jumped in. He having been additionally working believed it turned out to be a great idea as well as got in, covering himself on the way in, and concealing under the bubbles.

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I was very pleased that he had done this, it appears that folks are willing to go nude in some situations for example spaaing but not in the backyard, around the home, in the beach etc which is a pity. I am hoping to find another reason to go nude and encourage men and women in my family to go naked.

I was always a closet nudist, having visited several resorts, by myself as my wife was not at all interested in it.
Three years back I divorced and later moved to a new neighbourhood. Living alone now, I always walked around my house in the nude. I had just come back from a vacation to Cyprus Cove Resort, which I enjoyed very much. She came by typically one or two times weekly for java in the morning. As usual I had a pair of shorts by the door that I slipped on before I answered the door.
She asked about my vacation and I told her the weather was fantastic and also the resort was fine without telling her it was a nudist resort. I had always been really secretive about my lifestyle choice. Then she paused for a moment and said “you know I see you walk around your house naked on a regular basis.” Oh! I said. Yes she proceded to tell me from her bathroon window upstairs she’s a perfect view of my house through the one window that really doesn’t have a blind.
I thought for a moment and after that only simply confessed that I was a nudist and I love being naked in my house. I also told her my holiday was in fact to a nudist resort. I clarified that most nudist take pleasure in the life however don’t go out of their way to inflict their lifestyle on others. She said she wouldn’t mind(since she has aleady seen http://videoamateurgratuit.net ) and that I should be comfortable in my own home. I told her I ‘d think about it.
Two days after she phoned and said she was coming for java. I made the conscious choice not to dress when she came to the door. We sat and talked for hours all the time with me in the nude. She of course was interested in regards to the fact that I’m a smoothie. I described I ‘d the hair laser removed. Additionally , I told her about this website. That was http://nudistspic.com . I excused myself to visit the toilet. as soon as I came out I went into the kitchen and there sat Susan, naked. She said after listening to me and reading all of the stuff in these newsgroups she wanted to try it.
We meet frequently for coffee(she comes over in her robe and loses it once in my door). I’ve asked what her husband would say but she has given the feeling he thinks like my ex-wife and that nudity is bad somehow.

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Anyway I ‘ve officiallycome out of the closet! Susan has hinted that another neighbour, Natalie would like to join us for java. I’ll keep you posted on that development.

Introduction to Nudism

I was helping set up security for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. I was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta speaking with a couple. Told them I had to get away for the weekend. They gave me a number and name to call of a nice resort close by that had a pool, hot tub and extremely friendly people.

I thought about it and chose to attempt it and went that weekend. Adored the encounter and the people I met. They made me feel so welcome and everything looked so natural. We went the next weekend and spent two days there. We were hooked and even though we could visit the opening Olympic service free, we watched it on a TV in the motor home of a family who were teachers from California while relaxing at Hidden Valley nudist resort in Georgia.

When we got up to the New England place we seen some local nudist resorts and felt at home.

-Don W.
Hudson, Florida
First Time

June 1st, 2009. I made my way to Mira Vista Resort in Tucson, signed in, took my clothes off and drifted about the Resort. I introduced myself and admitted that this was my first (public) experience as a nudist. Nancy said “Show me your tush!” I turned around and was pronounced a “cotton tail.” What a delightful and gracious introduction and welcome to the nudist community!

Sierra Vista, Arizona
My Biggest Rue

Being naked has always been very natural to me, I can remember when I was perhaps 4 or 5 just needing to be nude. http://yzaxe.com has altered 40 years afterwards, it only feels “normal” to me.

I did my assignments online and also read as much as I could about going to a nudist resort, oh boy, was I excited! The day I set out to go was amazing and I was ready to get naked. It was about a 2 hour drive and of course all I was thinking about was getting there and jumping in the pool naked. YIPEEE! But as I got close my stomach was becoming more distressed from my nerves. I starting thinking about turning around and heading home but only kept driving. I truly wanted to feel the sun on my nude body and go swimming nude, after all it turned out to be a wonderful day.

As I pulled up to the gate I really thought I was going to throw up and at http://beach-archive.com had to talk myself into going forward. When the staff answered the buzzer and told me to come to the office to get checked in I just kept telling myself it was going to be awesome even though I was so nervous.

After checking in and heading to my truck I couldn’t believe it. I was looking at nude people up by the pool and I was going to be one of them! I stood by my truck appearing active for about 10 minutes without taking anything away and eventually I realized it was time to take ALL my clothes away and be free. I was becoming more confident with every measure.

I needed to take a shower before getting into the pool and it was a QUICK one. The showers are about 10 feet from the pool and I wager I made it in about 2 steps after I shut the shower off. I spent the remaining part of the day in the pool floating about and LOVING every second of it. It wasn’t my first time being nude in a pool but it was my first time being with other people nude and I ‘m confident it showed that it was my first time but by the time I ‘d left that day I felt like I had understood some of the folks for a long time.

The reason that this trip was such a huge deal for me was because I don’t have the “normal” body. I’m a huge man, need to drop some weight and had worried I might be laughed at or people would stare, but after going there now for more then 8 years (only a couple times a year) I recognized that NOBODY cares! Its not that they do not care about me, its just that nobody cares what your body looks like. I waited for such a long time to go to a nudist resort because I didn’t have the “perfect”body. I am yet to see the “perfect” body but I have meet some of the greatest people I will ever meet in my entire life. When you’re naked with other folks it’s as real as it gets and I’ve found that nudists are as fine as people come.

So this is the reason why I labeled this “My Biggest Regret” because I regret that I waited so long to get out and be naked with other like minded people. If the thought has ever crossed your mind, just go get naked.

Beach Day

from the time that I was a teen I had always heard about nudist beaches and camps, but I never understood where to find them. In the mid ’90s I had access to the Internet and chat rooms. I met a girl on the chat site who told me about seeing a nude beach. I asked about how I could locate one in my state. She told me about a website where I could imagine a guide book which describes the places of swimming holes and beaches.

After purchasing this I read about a beach at Martha’s Vineyard. Some time after I finally had an opportunity to get out there with my at the time girlfriend. Eventually I found the shore I was searching for after the ferry ride and bus ride across the isle. I remember how natural everyone seemed and how I was keen to join in the fun. The blanket was just on the earth when my clothes came off. I appreciated the liberating feeling of the wind on my body and having the ability to jump in the ocean naturally. My girlfriend eventually got comfortable also.

I felt like I was on a level playing field with everyone else. Since then I’ve been seeing nudist campgrounds and coming to the Vineyard as much as really possible. I’ve despised wearing bathing suits ever since.

-Paul J.
Milford, Massachusetts
My Nudist History

The following is a history of my nudist experience with some ideas for those investigating nudism as a lifestyle option:

“Nudist” A New Word

I grew up in Marin County north of San Francisco and am now a professional working in San Francisco. When I was younger I could never have imagined I would ever describe myself as a nudist. I remember the first time I heard the term nudist. The entire thing shocked me to the point that I still remember where I was when he told me. I couldn’t imagine why grown people would need to be naked, especially in a area called a nudist colony. It undoubtedly was something I would never be involved in.

First Time Nude Outside

I remember, some years afterwards, about age 12, sleeping over at Randy’s house in his backyard in sleeping bags and on a mutual dare we each walked, one at a time, nude up his long moonlit drive. He became more daring and even rode his bike up the driveway bare. This was just boys testing and playing and we knew that we didn’t want to be found so there was an element of risk and anxiety of being found that overshadowed everything.

Personal Nudity, My Own Skin

Within a couple of years I found that easing my pajamas off after going to sleep and sleeping nude felt fantastic. Again this felt wonderful but by importance remained my mystery. Soon, on some evenings, I was able to sneak out my bedroom window in the centre of the night and enjoy the night atmosphere nude. We lived in a built up neighborhood on a hill with open space supporting the house. At first I would roam the grassy hillside in back of the home feeling the cool breezes on my skin. I especially liked wet nights. The sound of the storm made me feel more safe about not being found going out the window and I loved the feeling of rain on my bare skin.

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I understood the terrain very well and one night I was particularly audacious and did a huge loop walking with that location for over half a mile in a circle onto paved roads (but where homes were not built right on the road) on the other side of the hill and back to my clothes that I’d left behind. I can’t believe I did this or that, as a teenager, I didn’t get caught.

San Francisco, California

This post was first published in the fkk magazine Suntan in 1951. But except for a quite few

The observations and advice it contains
are just as accurate now as nearly 50 years past. The artic
le has been reprinted many times since
We as people have become a massively control force on this planet, none will deny.

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grow, however, we believe we’re becoming more and more intelligent and civilized. While, to some
extent this is true, I believe we have also damaged ourselves by mov
ing further and farther away from
In this essay, we’ll explore the healthy physical,
Mental, and mental advantages of sheading the textile world every once every so often and living
freely in communi
on with others.

Ultimately, we’ll take a look at a sample of the people and their views on nudism.
In the end, we
of pleasure.
We start by taking a look at the physical benefits of a clothing free lifestyle. While there are many
reasons for wearing clothes, including heat and protection from the elements, we will soon find that
modesty or share should at no time be one of them. Clothing really tends to limit the motion of the
body; d
enying full range of movement. Garments also has a tendency to confine the body’s natural method of
temperature control when applying energy which causes mo
re perspiration. Studies also show that human
Nevertheless, suitable precautions should be taken to avoid skin damage for example sunburn. Eventually, in
proportion to the g
eneral inhabitants, individuals that generally enjoy a textile free lifestyle are generally more
, 1988)
The myths drive you to believe that kids should not be exposed to a nude adult. This is a
y over generalized statement, as just being nude is not the real difficulty. Clearly we would
not expose our children to sexually My First Nudist Encounter or events.
(Story, 1984)
This isn’t what we’re
discussing here. The physiological effects of nudity on
Kids are insignificant at worst. Actually, kids
tend to take to nudity easier and faster than their adult counterparts.
In cases where kids are
raised in naked surroundings, they have a tendency to see other people as the entire man without staking any
more problem with a man’s private area than their elbow or ear.
(Okami, 1998)
They grow up very well
Adapt and whole as any child that’s been raised in a cloth world. Kids from these surroundings

Comprehension and higher self

Regard than I can’t resist discussing this story. as a result of lack of
shame placed on look. Studies actually show that a percent of children, boys in particular,
that profit substantially in their own adult relationships because they didn’t objectify women as a child.
When the general citizenry thinks about nudism and nude resorts they automatically see
g to a location where one might see females in bikinis.
, 1979) In contrast with a pub, night club, or elsewhere you might meet a stranger, new
relationships (be it friendship or something else) assembled from a fkk lifestyle are assembled on personal
ualities, disposition, and friendship rather than personal look.
a look at a guy walking down the city street. If he were wearing a suit and tie, carrying a briefcase we
would presume he was a active businessman headed t
o the office. If we were to choose the same guy and
dress him in a torn pair of jeans, a plaid jacket with a blot on it, and a carrying a cardboard box

would suppose he was a vagabond. In this scenario, we demonstrate our societal prejudice toward
nce. A fkk event removes this prejudice and enables people to socialize without preconceived
notions about who they are.
, 1993)
When people hear the term “fkk” they have a tendency to imagine a man that is certainly naked all of
the time.
While these individuals do exist, generally speaking they usually live in the fabric world. A “component

nudist” as they might be called, these people “escape” to a naturist place as often as they are able to.
ome simply stay in tents or available resorts and cottages. Family
Fkk resorts are inclined to be self

Featured and provide a restaurant, shower & bath facilities, and an array
of recreational facilities for its members. They provide pools (heated, unheated, indo

I am unsure how to pick one encounter as my first,

because I’ve had nudist encounter over my entire life which did not really seem like nudist experiences.
At about 8, my father, uncle and myself spent a weekend at a “fishing hole’ – no cottage, however a mobile home outside in the woods. On the second day of heat and zero fish capturing, we went for a swim to my surprise, in the nude. It was amazing, it was exhilarating and it made my dad and uncle seem so ‘crazy and cool’. That happened a few times over a few years.
My father passed away when I was 12. My uncle/aunt were not nudists, nor even clothing optional – only relaxed. They had a pool and skinny dipping was the norm (two cousins, boy and girl younger than me). Many times we would roam in the house still nude, which after all my encounters outside, appeared just exhilarating.
My mom and I moved to a house in a crowded suburb two years after, but it had a privacy fence and pleasant little in-ground pool. I would get home from school about two hours before she came home from work. Naturally, I skinny-dipped constantly, and once autumn and winter arrived, would go naked a number of hours each day in. The following summer when we opened the pool, I was always permitted to have friends over, and two of my closest friends (man) started skinny dipping. There was always an additional sense of independence when going naked with others.
I eventually began to boldly swim in the early morning, to start the day the very best possible method, understanding my mother was still in the house. It wasn’t so much that I was being more bold, more that I was simply more comfy, and wanted not to be ‘creeping’ about in the nude. She saw me skinny dipping several times, as the kitchen window looked right out to the pool and backyard. At first, I was naturally nervous, but she never made a major issue of it, requesting me that first time had I outgrown my swimming trunks as I ‘d come in wrapped just in a towel. One day after school was out, I came home from summer league softball and she was out by the pool. I just thought ‘what the heck’ and went out with my towel and jumped in. It turned out to be a nonevent, because once I left the pool and sat across from her, we began talking about my father, and her telling me how he adored going bare. It may have been the first, really actual conversation about http://videonudism.com/firsttime/sexy-beach-pussies.php had since he died.
The next morning, I stopped at the kitchen and asked if she needed to join me for a swim. swinger nudist said she would be out later and she did. After what was bluntly lots of nervous energy diving and swimming in the pool, everything was simply tranquil and completely open. We spent about four hours talking about my dad, our family, friends, then pictures, music and things I would never presume to just ‘chat’ about with my mum. It was sort of an overcast day, along with a drizzle put an end to the time that had flew by to our amazement. I said I loathed we had to go in, and she just picked up my towel with her things and went indoors. We spent the remainder of the day interior in a new routine of liberation.
Once I got my driver’s license, and her work became more demanding, we seldom spent time together, and even when we did, it was unfortunately inconvenient to relax in the nude it looked, so it sort of just quit other than infrequent times or early in the morning routine.
So, there are three instants in time for me, and I don’t even consider them my first experience. That would be at college, my fourth weekend in school, but this is another story and I’ve all ready defined the notion of ‘long winded’.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

I became a nudist in an extremely indirect way I was planning my forthcoming summer holidays

and was attempting to decide between Byron Bay and Port Stephens and was discussing both options using several work collegues and eventually my supervisor. He said he’d be holidaying in Port Stephens and was full of recommendations so I continued my research and discovered that Byron Bay was really going to be too pricey and continued the conversations with my manager about Port Stephens.
He explained he’d be spending the majority of his time at Samurai Beach, and that it had good surf along with a very friendly crowd. So on this particular advice I researched Samurai Beach and discovered it was a legal clothing optional beach.
I eventually booked some accommodation and when I told him this I said, So, Ill manage to visit the nude beach with you along with your own family, wont I.
He shut his office door and we had a long conversion about naturism, and that this was not a subject for general distribution at work. He also surprised me by encouraging me and a buddy to travel with his family Samurai Beach prior to the summer holidays and see if naturism was for me.
After a conversation with my best friend, we agreed this was an excellent idea and have set a date for early November.
But my first time came a lot quicker than that. Two days after my supervisor and I were assigned to spend two weeks working in New Caledonia and were able to fit in a couple of days on the beach or out on an associate’s boat researching the atolls and cays offshore from Noumea.
I ‘d not expected to spend any time on the seashore so that afternoon I started on the beach in a set of gym shorts and top. After fifteen minutes, I realised that I was out of place with that amount of clothing on as it looked every girl on the beach was wearing no more than a thong even the 14 and 15 yo girls.
So I stripped down to just the thong I was wearing under my short pants it looked strange wearing so little in front of my supervisor (he was wearing his Speedos) but he appeared to not even notice, which actually made me more comfortable.

As soon as we’d cleared the marina he was down to his Speedos, and suggested that I could strip down if I desired. I told him if he desired to go nude, I didnt mind so as we cleared the harbour and passed the last house he was naked in the wheel and I was wearing just my thong. We sailed on for an hour before we pulled up in the leeward of a gorgeous white sand island inside a coral lagoon.
As my boss set the anchor I decided it was now or never and I slipped out of my thong. Aside from the two of us there was not another soul to be seen we spent the morning snorkelling (bare), sunbaking (nude), eating (bare). I dont now why but the feeling of the water and the sun on my body was so distinct exhilarating than it had been a few days before when I was wearing just a bit more.
Just after eleven another boat arrived and dropped four couples and six teenaged kids at the shore before the boat vanished, presumably back to Noumea. After they’d set up camp of a few umbrellas and towels on the sand, the adults stripped off fully – soon followed by the teens. I was astounded to see adolescent boys and girls nude in front of each other, and in front of their parents, and mentioned this to my supervisor.
We subsequently had a long conversation about naturism and how it crosses all age groups and after all I was just a few years older than these kids. Then he suggested we should swim in and say hello and have a chat. This seemed like a big measure to be nude in front of strangers but he convinced me into the water and onto the shore.
After a series of Bonjours and apologies for poor French we immediately fell into dialogue and were offered drinks and an invitation to stay for lunch. We purchased the boat into the shallows and spent the rest of the day with our new friends.
All up we spent seven hours nude that day and I think it was one of the very satisfying days of my own life. I was very surprised by the generosity and friendliness of the folks as well as the easy with which the children socialized. I discovered the youngest was http://nudism-life.com and the eldest 18 but there was a constant rapport among them. It was evident that naturism was worth exploring.

OMG I cannot believe I eventually did it. After many years of me being a home nudist

, I eventually had the nerve to talk about http://nudism-life.com with some friends of mine. Last night, my next door neighbors invited my lovely wife and i over at 10pm for a small impromptu get together. We’ve been neighbors for 2 years now but never had a sit down and get to understand you session so we decided to do only that. It was excellent. Only sitting around shooting the breeze and getting to know each other just a little better. During our discussion, my wife brings up the undeniable fact that I’m really going to be doing the Fremont summer solstice bike ride this year. It turned out to be a great strategy to break the ice about my feelings towards nudity. We have a hot tub that can been seen by the neighbor’s back window if they look hard enough and I’ve always been worried that they might be offended if they were to ever look out the window and see me sitting in my tub naked (which I do on a daily basis). So during our discussions, I ask them when they may be offended by nudity and should they’ve any issues with me being nude in my back yard. They were totally cool with it and told me they haven’t noticed me.
Long story short, we choose to move our get together to the hot tub. We joked around about whether or not I would wear a suit and from our conversation i got the feeling that they would be absolutely fine if i didnt. So i took the first step and went o-natural. It was excellent and they were absolutely ok with it. I did nothing to push them into doing it and I was the only one who decided to do so. I can’t believe I actually took that measure and was accepted for who I am. We had a great experience and acquired some new pals.
What a fantastic time and wonderful experience.

Facebook should really only give up the outrageous censorship and make free speech the default option.

The good news (sort of) is that we users do matter, and we can hold them liable. Why? 1. Because without us, the users, there isn’t any Facebook. And 2. Because Facebook isn’t just free. Its advertisements revenue relies on us (as users and advertisers) seeing those ads that appear in news feeds and on the sides of pages.
We’ve also “paid” through illegal access to our private information and likely will again in the future.
So what can we do about it? Make our voices heard, both on and off Facebook. Submit restricted content to STGMB, where we can all mock and call out Facebook for removing the most innocuous Internet content. I believe we should keep submitting grievances to FB toocan’t guarantee that any people read them, but if enough of us keep at it then perhaps our collective voice will, at some point, get heard. But we can’t do this alone!
It might also be worth noting that Facebook doesn’t allow users to support others to break its policies.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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So you may want to give it some thought before you go attempting to enact a Day of Naked. Maybe Facebook isn’t the greatest location for campaigns against Facebook
There have been many petitions and campaigns against hate speech that succeeded in getting FB to revise its policies. So maybe a free speech petition is another option to consider.
There are a couple of choice social networks particularly for naturists, though none match the quality and breadth of Facebook. We really desire a better choice for everyone, but til then, looks like we’re stuck dealing with fascistbook.
What would you think, readers? Or have some of you already given up and moved to Twitter or Tumblr?
This article about the dilemmas with Facebook Censorship was published by Young Naturists and Nudists America FKK
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Category: Felicity’s Naturist Website, Nudist Blog, Pinky RantsHow Naked Yoga and Doing Young in The Nude Changed My Yoga Practice
(Guest Website by Naked Yoga Educator Isis Phoenix)
I towel dried my hair and sans clothing, I padded barefoot to my living-room and rolled out my yoga mat. I wanted to get a practice in before teaching yoga in the evening. For some reason on this particular special day I didn’t trouble to put on the regular stretchy pants and fitted I was newly married and living on the east coast not too far from the shores. that accompanied my yoga practice. I opted for the vogue of ‘au naturel’ instead of streamlining spandex. It was a whim.
I wasn’t what one would consider a naturist. I used It is tough to know exactly when or where my first bare experience was like except being very young playing in the water. have to be nude in my dwelling, nor was I one to seek out clothes-optional events. I ‘d never been to a unclothed beach. For some reason on that day, yet, I determined to practice yoga without clothing.
I was alone in my own Ny apartment. It was the middle of the day. The blinds were shut and I was alone – my mat, my breath, my body and all her imperfections. I sat, shut my eyes, and stilled my ideas.
The impulse for movement arose that lead me into a straightforward cat-and-cow movement on my hands and knees – arching and bending my back with each inhale and exhale – eyes closed. I stretched my way back into down-facing dog. I was naked. So that is why we wear spandex, I thought. I breathed.
I started a simple sun salute, moving through the familiar poses on my mat. In this sun salute I experienced for the first time what I’d call yoga. I want to clarify. I were practicing consistently for three years and had recently completed my yoga teacher training.
To say that this happenstance encounter, naked within my living room was the first time I experienced yoga was laughable to me. On the other hand, the minute it occurred I understood. Anything I believed was yoga before was now off the table. It was a moment that I can only just describe as that of a very complex lock that had been stuck for many years lining up and suddenly cracking open to reveal a secret portal to oneness.
Before that instant I could say my yoga practice was consistent but somewhat superficial. I had actual targets – longer headstands, mastering complex sequences, a practice of vegetarianism, attending classes three times weekly, learning Sanskrit. In this instant, however, the doors swung open and everything that was fragmenting my practice was shown.
Isis Phoenix Naked Yoga Instructor