I dont’t know if I was brave ot didn’t want the day to

finish but several years back while seeing A nudist club in North Georgia which I was a member I had stayed till the sun had gone down, I headed down the hill and was getting my clothing from the rear of my van and stopped,I relized I still did’t need the day to end and threw my clothing back into the van and got behind the steering wheel nude and headed for the gate. I made it to the key highway when I relized I was still naked and had sixty miles to go and had to pass through three towns and lots of red lights before I was house. I rolled down my windows and enjoyed the summer wind,passing through the first town and than reaching the second town was easy until I stopped for the red light I looked back and saw the police car also joining me at the light,the light changed and I was again on my way,a little bit nervous but it did not last notably after the police car turned after a couple roads.

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Soon I arrived in my drive where I departed http://nudistwmv.com retrived my fresh clothes and headed inside hoping not to shock the neighbors what a hurry how alive I felt. I just done that once and I don’t know why http://videonudism.com/beach did’nt do it more generally.maybe shortly !
Being a real nudist weather at a nudist beach or club or even at home will keep you youthful and alive,it doesn’t matter weather you’re young or old skinny or fat tall or short enjoy yourself be bare be naked be alive….

Naturist vs Naturist (By Melissa Dejanude)

Naturist Vs Naturist – Is there actually a difference?
My Opinion for the use of the terms
Nudist Vs Naturist – In the argument between the terms “naturist” and “naturist”, we need to use our terms exactly and correctly; when describing participants in the clothing-free lifestyle, “naturist” should be the favored term. “Nudist” carries a negative connotation of a person who joins a colony who resides without clothing. A naturist, on the other hand, believes that garments-free places have a goal; that good, social nudity is to be so commonplace that there is no need for any place to be especially dedicated as a naturist or garments-free place, merely because the mindset behind the goal for clothing has to alter.
Nudist vs.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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If we want the whole world to at least be exposed to independence, we must not only congregate amongst ourselves in resorts, at customs and on nude social networking sites. We must go out to the legislatures of various states, exercise our liberty where it’s legal and combination with others. We not only have the freedom to be naturists, but also the responsibility to defend our beliefs. For if we can’t defend our beliefs, (beyond ‘it feels good’) we can not expect for our beliefs to reach everyone efficiently.
“Topfree” should be used because folks, particularly naturists, are free not lacking something. We’re whole human beings without clothes. “Topless” has Or maybe Clothed in Naked firm might better describe this incident. , which is why this term needs to be avoided as often as the term “naturist”. One day, hopefully soon, clothed minded folks will realize the clothing made by man isn’t better compared to the clothing given by It did not happen here; it happened at the ends of the planet. .
Naturist Blogs For Young Naturists And Young Naturists America FKK
Class: Felicity’s Naturist Website
About the Writer (Author Profile)
Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co founder of Naturist Portal.

I recall as an early teen going to the creek close to where I was.

living and wading in the creek with only shorts and shoes on. http://spynudism.net occurred often during the summer before the creek would dry up. After that on occassion I’d strip and enjoy wading and swimming in the creek. Didn’t do much in my later teenage years. I still loved being naked and slept nude some of the time, but not considerably outside nudism.
I do recall when I was about 20 going with a buddy on a road trip. We ended up going skinny dipping and then hanging out around the fire naked. Was an extremely enjoyable experience.
Not much happened after that and with getting married and working on the career, didn’t think much about nudity or find ways to love a nudist lifestyle. I had a few showers in this excursion merely standing outside in the sun and pouring the warm water over me and then letting the sun dry me off. It was excellent.
My transfomation to social nudity was going to hot springs when I had a opportunity. At first I constantly wore a swim suit and also would remove it when I was alone. The time in the hot springs naked was much fine than having to wear a swimsuit. Once a lady came to the spring and I had put my swim suit back on when I saw her coming along the trail. But she came up and we spoke for only a little bit. She went behind a stone to modify into her swimsuit, but didn’t attempt to really conceal well. I could easily tell what she was doing. But she came back and we talked for awhile and she brought up the undeniable fact that it was fine if I wanted to be clothing optional in the spring. I believe she’d seen me sitting there nude before I had discovered her.

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But http://b-boyz.com did take off her suit in the spring. But I was really comfortable being bare even with her not that way. When she got out to leave, she did not trouble to go behing the rock to shift, but just put on her garments next to the spring. So it was quite a non-sexually charged encounter and my beginning to enjoying social nudism. Had many more times of enjoy a naked soak in a hot spring in mixed company and much prefer that over wearing swimsuits.
Now if I could only get the wife to be a little more at ease with this, we could really have some amazing trips when we travel. She is slowly joining me at times, but for the most part doesn’t want to be nude around other people. But she’s gotton to the point of being nude much more than she used to around the home and even if we are alone at a beach or boating. She may not fully join me being nude, but does go topless at times and doesn’t think I am strange for loving being nude like at first. She believed that only perverts would love being naked, but now she is able to understand why it isn’t a sexual or a perverted thing. I’m looking forward to some warm weather again and an opportunity to be outside in the nude.

Attention all nudists! When you go hiking, always bring a compassand a towel!

I learned this lesson the hard way.
It was late spring in 2001 and I chose to research the hills above the brand new Elysium property in Malibu, California. Elysium had relocated merely a few months earlier from its 30-year home in Topanga after the daughters of its own late founder, Ed Lange, determined to sell.
The Malibu property was next to what hikers understand as The Backbone Trail, a 100-mile footpath that snakes through the Santa Monica Mountains and rings the Los Angeles basin. The popular trail provides hikers and nature lovers a magnificent approach to relish the area’s flora and fauna in its natural state. This kind of day was overcast, yet warm, a perfect day to really go hiking, or so I thought. Normally I would wear tennis shoes and also a baseball cap and carry a bottle of water and also a towel (just in case I ran into someone). These days, yet, I needed to be adventuresome. I needed to hike without wearing or carrying anything, to be completely bare! No tennis shoes, no towel, no baseball cap, no water bottle. Nothing but the trail and me.
As I had done many times before, I walked beyond the property line and onto the Backbone Trail. As I developed on my hike, I started to see the fog rolling in from the shore. It was not long before I made a decision to turn around and head back. Perhaps half an hour or so later, the fog had rolled in so that the visibility I had was no more than ten feet. After another hour or so, I realized I was walking around in circles. I didn’t know which way was West (the ocean) and I could not locate the Elysium Property. Additionally , I started to worry as the temperature regularly drops drastically in the evenings in the hills of Malibu.
What if I cant find my way back during daytime? I continued on the trail, now going in a direction I just knew was incorrect. After another hour or so, I heard what sounded like farm equipment, a tractor maybe. Then a house appeared out of the fog. I thought to myself, I have two choices. If I go down the hill to the house, the individuals there may call the police. I made the decision to go down the hill toward the home.
As I continued down the hill, I saw a guy and a female. I ceased and I cried you-who! As the man and girl looked up and saw me I said, Im lost and I need a towel. I went on to say I’m not crazy. My friends let me trek naked on their property.
Then I grinned. The woman said that she’d get me a towel and walked to the home. The guy only looked up at me and didn’t say http://nudism-life.com .
When the woman came back with a towel and also a t-shirt, I continued my walk down the hill and toward their property. I thanked the girl as I wrapped the towel around my waist and put on the t-shirt. I then asked which way was the road. The girl pointed and said, Its that manner.
I have often wondered what went through the mind of that woman. I guess she could have just as easily called the police as help me. On the flip side, living up in a remote part of the Santa Monica Mountains, Ill bet she has seen a lot of unexpected things and met lots of interesting folks who have wandered off the Backbone Trail. I can only theorize what her variation of the encounter is when she tells her friends about the day a naked guy came down the hill toward their home and asked for a towel and directions. On the flip side, perhaps she did not believe it was uncommon at all. Ill never understand.
If you ever find yourself bare and lost in the mountains, just stay calm, and remember, sometimes a large smile will cover a lot!

Or perhaps Clothed in Bare business might better describe this event.

I was at Cypress Cove about 6 years ago, lounging in front of the Massage office by the main pool. It was later in the day, midweek, just about five or six people round the pool. An associate of the staff came through, bare as I recall, as were all of the patrons by the pool. With him were what seemed to be four college aged students, all clothed. In listening to his conversation with them, it was apparent that they were conducting research for a project or report, apparently about nudism or nudist resorts.

Eventually they got to our side of the pool where myself and a couple were relaxing in front of the Massage office. The staff associate promised us that we did not have to go, that the pupils would be able to get the photographs they desired, and we’d certainly not be in the shot.

There were two girls and http://x-public.com in the group. And it was very simple to tell that the guys were incredibly uncomfortable being there. The girls seemed a little more self assured and did not seem as uncomfortable. They didn’t linger, but took a few photos of the sign behind us and then left.

In this case, the clothed people were a bit out of sorts round the nude people. Just a bit curious, an alternate spin on this topic.

So the “braviest”…well, could be several. I use to be in possession of a jet ski in southern california.

I would go to Lake Elsenore. On several occasions I would ski bare…or just troll along pulling myself behind the ski. That turned out to be a different experience. Anyway, one-time skiing I found a boat with some passengers in it who saw me. They began coming my way. It was a girl and two other girls. She said hi and asked if I would do that somemore. I was somewhat surprised as I instead I was really going to get an ear full. So, I started skiing about and along side them for a little. Chatted a bit and planned to hook up afterwards.

On another occasion I was driving to a bare resort with my girl friend. I only had on a shirt. I got pulled over by the state patrol. ** whew** luckily I did not need to get out of the vehicle. But…my heart was a thumping.

I’ve laid out naked in my backyard, and balcony when living at an apartment. I’ve gone trekking naked in several locations.

I’ve even had neighbors come to my door who I did not understand. In one case the one lady asked to make use of the phone. I said sure but told her to wait because I needed to put some pants on. I was surprised when she said that is acceptable, the she and her pal had been watching me from across the pool place. So I let them in and we conversed.

Being a real pilot and when I was flying routine, I and http://x-pot.com took off for Lake Mead and stripped while enroute and landed at a non-control field and simply kept our clothes away. We ended up camping at a shore a few hundred yards away.

Meet my girl Vasiliska

Hi, my name is Britney and I’m lesbian. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with this particular story other than I was actually prepared for a girl such as this. Her name is Vasiliska. She is Russian. But I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s more to this story and I really wanted to share it along with you. For one, this was the very first time I ever went to a nudist beach, which is an experience in itself and this was also the day I met this gorgeous girl from Russia, so beautiful and so alluring that I never believed I’d meet anyone like that on vacation.
It was last year and this was the very first time I went to Europe. Me and a couple of my buddies went on a month long vacation visiting Spain, France and Italy. We were checking out a few of the very most amazing cities on the planet and also a number of the greatest beaches that I have ever seen in my entire life. And it absolutely was great. It turned out to be a real fantastic holiday meeting new people, getting wasted all over the area and so forth. In case you should place a gun to my head and ask http://crazypublic.com which of the states is the greatest and where we had the best time, I could not tell you. They were all great and we met so many wonderful people that I simply couldn’t give you one. However, there is something that happened in France that made it my favorite element of the excursion which is the girl in this picture, Vasiliska.
We met at a bar there, one of the biggest areas for young tourists and locals equally in Marseille which is an insanely interesting and wild town. She was there with some friends of hers as well, most of them Russians who studied in France and who were also on vacation. Let us just say that it was a crazy night. And when there is anyone who understands how to party, then it’s the Russians. I mean, these were all girls who were just legal, like my Vasiliska here, hardly 19 and already mad as hell, having the ability to drink gallons of alcohol without even getting tipsy. When I met her, I knew she was something special and the next day I realized how unique she is actually. Namely, that night, we agreed that the two of us, just the two of us are going to attend a beach together.
I will never have the capacity to understand those Russians. In any case, she explained that we were going to a nudist beach and I played it cool. I said alright. I didn’t want to let her know how nervous I was. And we went. It was a bit out of time, but she had rented a car and we were there in less than an hour.
We got to the beach and there were maybe a dozen folks there, not more. They were mainly locals, a few families and two or three couples. It was quiet and it was romantic. And then Vasiliska took off her clothes. I was lost for words. To begin with, she had the most beautiful skin I’d seen in my life, so creamy and so fresh I almost came. She was also completely shaven and had the most delicious-looking pussy I had seen to that point. And her boobs, they were just perfect. They were so supple and so perky that I only wanted to bury my head in them. I asked her if I could shoot a picture of her and she said that I could. And that is the photo you’ll be able to see here. Oh yeah, she also had those nipple rings that I thought were just too tacky. She looked so amazing that I only feel in love with her there and then.

My feelings have not changed much since:

I still favor if nudity is shared by all individuals present. I am more open-minded, yet, about fabrics accompanying their nudist pal or S/O; if they’re cool with me, I’m cool with them.

Both scenarios I presented, I also understand, were a bit unique. In the first, we were a group of nude folks who’d just spent the entire week end totally bare; and here walks in a fully dressed lady!
The second situation was truly a “chickening out” situation. My friend, or so she said, thought to join me but totally froze up (self-consciousness kicked in). She had no rational explanation for it; but I think it’s to do with the whole “simpler to be naked among strangers than with a friend/relative” thing. Her daughter came in the picture just a while after, inquiring why we were not nude; her mother explained that she’d chickened out. Which caused her to also chicken out as well as return with a bathing suit on!

In those scenarios, it didn’t bother me because those were individuals who usually went naked, just not in that special situation. One was on a chilly morning at the resort; sarongs and T shirts everywhere except me. girls naked cigarette smoking beach looked at it: “I did not merely drive 90 miles to keep my clothes on! No way!” Another time, I was over at a friend’s house and he encouraged me to make myself comfy. Why was that different from my second scenario? My nudity didn’t affect him as it had my pal. Then no problem.

My first time with any sort of “genuine” nudity was hanging out at my

grandparents’ house wearing just a towel on a weekend when the only clothing we brought along were being washed. My brother and I were goofing around and sitting on the front staircase of their rather large house (a Ohio farmhouse with several additions over an equal number of years), and I clearly recall noticing how “cool” it felt when the wind blew under my towel.
Hmmm, what’s this odd and amazing sense?
All of spain nudist pageant led up to a want to being MORE naked, more often in more manners; manners I had just barely started to envision. So, in my middle teens I purchased some trade paperbacks on nudism from a wholesale book publisher and these really and truly enlarged my understanding of the potentials for going nude socially!!! Before I even tried it I had this idea that I ‘d “love” it more than anything else I ‘d done in life, and that this new found preconception would take me past any kind of bookings or nervousness I might have about undressing.
The grinning folks of all ages in my novels looked so genuine and happy that I actually questioned what I had been missing out on for a long time! My entire life up to then judging by the ages of the youngest children in these pictures, and I felt like this was a portion of life being actively “hidden” from me! I actually don’t believe a short skinny-dip with my brother and a friend actually counted, although it was fun and we also did some naked experimentation in sleeping over at the friend’s house on weekends; nothing more than curious exploration of possibilities for NOT wearing clothing.
White Tail Park (afterward, “Resort” now) was my first organized social introduction and it couldn’t have been a better time! This was in the late 1980’s, Springtime and on a well attended weekend with RVs, campers, day visitors and permanent residents all present. It was an experience equalling my readings, imagination and expectations and so I was fortunate for such a great launch.

I had an experience today that was new for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had this occur to them?….

I had finished my work out, showered, disposed of my towel in a near by bind, and was walking back to my locker (bare, of course) to get dressed. As I turned the corner from the showers toward the lockers, a woman was standing in the path with a bathing suit and towel in her hand. “What are you really doing in here!?” she asked. “I was going to ask http://nudist-picture-club.com ” I answered. Both of us being shocked by seeing the other, I said, “This Is Actually the male locker room.” She responded, “Oh, my god, I am so sorry….I am in the wrong place!” “Please forgive my intrusion” she continued, as she followed me to my locker. As I was attempting to get my locker opened, she continued to talk to me in regards to the facility we were in. This went on for a good two minutes before another guy walked in and, took a look, and pulled away behind a few other lockers. Eventually, she said, “I apologize…it was good talking to you”…and left.

Now, while I was surprised to see her (and she me), I remained composed and bare (since I had nothing to cover with)
in our dialog.

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She apparently somewhat enjoyed http://nudistpic.net , since she didn’t immediately run to the doorway.
Looking back on this, I’m somewhat surprised by her action. If this had occurred in her locker room, I am confident that I would have been thrown out or arrested!