Girl All Alone

I had a manager who always talked about his nude encounters so I made the decision to visit a nudist resort in northern Indiana with him and his girlfriend. At the last moment they had to change their plans and couldn’t go, thus being the courageous girl that I ‘m, I decided to go alone.

I phoned forward to be sure I could get in; being a single girl was no problem for the owners. I understood what to do once I got there so I got out of my clothing and visited the pool.

Instantly people introduced themselves and they began to introduce me to people they knew were from my home town. Little did I understand that a dear friend of mine and his wife were members there(and still are). That was a bit awkward for me for about one minute then I understood we were all bare and abruptly I felt right at home.

My new buddies also introduced me to another couple from a closeby town and we all became the best friends for the last 27 years. I have already been to other clubs and the same thing occurred, I instantly meet the friendliest people and have formed lifelong friendships that I am quite glad for! Some of my nudist buddies have even examined to see whether they could be a live donor and give me a new kidney.( I ‘ve been in kidney failure for the past few months). Now that is true camaraderie!

I’m so glad for my nudist family and can not wait for summer!

Anderson, Indiana
First Time Nude

The very first time I went naked was at my uncle and aunt’s farm age 15, they had a pond on th hill that overlooked the state road, well out of view aside from 1-2 dwellings even they couldn’t see anything with out binoculars. What a terrific feeling when I got into the pond nude, then got out out to lay on the pier to allow the sun dry my skin.

Many years later I went to Full Tan Sun Club…wow the memories came back to the very first time being bare… it was AMAZING, now at 42 I wish to be nude any and all of the time, my wife isn’t as free as I but one day perhaps she’ll be.

-G. Oakley
New York
First time Naked Outdoors

When I was young and started to read Playboy magazine and saw the pictures of the famous Grotto, I believed that looked like fun. Swimming nude.

I said to myself, I’m really going to really have a pool like this, and skinny dip at house. When I was wacthing a house one day for a neighbor, the house had a pool and I was by myself, so off with the short pants and for about 10 minutes, I skinny dipped for the very first time. It was great.

Eventually in 1999,I bought a house using a pool. Felt just as amazing as the very first time. There were other times, like me & a girlfriend skinny dipping late night at my flat swimming pool. But nothing like it at home. And following house was the same, but the backyard was quite open so I needed to do it late night because of the aged neighbor.

I live about an hours drive from Austin, and I have never been to Hippie Hollow, because I was at home taking good care of my dad and did not travel much. But I’m heading to Hippie Hollow shortly as I can. Can not wait.

The most liberating experience

As someone born and brought up in the conservative Middle East the last thing I ever dreamed in life was to be naked in public.

Once when I was walking alone on a clothing-optional beach in Europe I thought if I ever needed to try something totally insane this would have been the second. There was no one who could have seen me there thousands of miles away from home. It was of that no one can describe unless they try it.

Ever since then I’ve duplicated it with visits to naked saunas in Europe and loved it more every time. I convinced my wife to try it and she did enjoy it a lot.

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A bit concerned in the beginning of course but she quickly got used to it.

Being Nude IsN’t Petroleum

I began as a nudist at 10 years old. I was a christan and my parents discouraged nudity. I got interested and went on Wikipedia. I put in nude and I found out things I never knew before. Being nude does not mean sex. So one night I took off all my clothing and I felt so free. At 15 years old I went to Gunnison Beach, NJ. It was so relaxing to see all those folks naked just like me. I adored it ever since.


I used to be much less attentive than I ‘m now.

I have in the past gone bare on occasionally pretty busy Spanish beaches, taking nothing and walking purposefully past them for several miles. It is not prohibited there.

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People would notice, but few looked at all disturbed. Just once did anyone (a man) item on the specific grounds that kids might see me. As we all know, children take no notice of simple nudity, but I did feel because I then felt exposed and had no means whatsoever to cover up.
I occasionally experienced groups of two or three girls expressing apparent approval that I was naked, not that I was looking for that. I always avoided single women who weren’t nude or top-free so as not to make them feel uneasy or threatened. It was interesting to observe how some couples saw me naked and then removed their clothes. That was before.
In the interests of not causing offence and not giving naturism a bad name even if legal I have altered my approach to public nudity to be less clear. Much like Pete, I concur hiking is a good deal more enjoyable in relation to the shore. In addition , I use quieter Spanish seashores where few people pay any attention besides merely seeing, some see me and do the same! Hiking in Spain, it is so silent the chances of running into someone are low. Hiking in the UK the odds are much higher. If alone I ‘ve tend to disappear off in the bushes, feeling nervous since I have absolutely no wish to offend but scared it might be taken as more than simple nudity.
Doing a Spencer Tunick setup has given me a different pespective on how the Brits see nudity. 1700 individuals went bare for many hours in a city in the name of “art”. Most were not naturists and were very nervous in the beginning. I do not go nude on UK shores unless lying on my abdomen in a quiet place. I only stand up when there’s not anyone about for at least 700 yards, but may walk a long way then. If someone keeps on walking towards me I do not usually worry about it, since it is their choice and I ‘m on a very wide large seashore, but if it is narrower I sit down and am unobtrusive until they have passed.
If I see a solitary girl I frequently cover up as we get closer so she is to feel “safe”. No-one in the UK has ever objected or looked piqued. Occasionally they’ve been obviously amused, so I just say hello. You might wonder why I usually do not use nudist beaches very often. The main response is easy. Regrettably, in the UK and on the smaller Spanish shores there are often various pervs hanging around and I don’t feel as comfortable. They are the ones giving naturism a bad name.

Gunnison Beach – 6 A.M.I grew up in a house where nudity was no big deal.

We occasionally would swim nude in our pretty private backyard, and nudity in the house was, although not encouraged, surely not frowned on either.

As an adult there was never much opportunity to revisit those carefree moments of youth. I traveled a good bit with my work and learned of the approved nude beach at Sandy Hook, NJ.

Eventually I was in that place immediately and took the chance to go to the seashore before starting my work day. I got to the shore sometime around 6 a.m. and the shore was deserted and cold. I sat in my clothing on the sand and watched the sun come up. About 7:30 it got warm enough to take my clothes away and appreciate the sun, the sound of the surf and the breeze. By then a couple of early risers had come to the shore, but it was still largely abandoned. I only had an hour or so on the seashore before I had to begin sex girl video beach .

I enjoyed the sense of being nude in nature so much that I went back to the shore after my appointments were finished and loved the remaining part of the day on the a lot more crowded beach, watching the sun go down before I left. At no time did I feel uncomfortable being naked in the organization of other naked folks. Possibly becoming a little used to it in the morning before the crowds came helped a bit, but I believe that if you approach nudism from the right viewpoint it is not a sexually charged encounter and so there’s actually nothing to be uncomfortable about. If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d encourage you to give it a try. Its certainly amazing.

I’ve since been back to the beach many times and joined a nonlanded club where we have been able to enjoy day trips to landed clubs in the region. It’s all amazing but my favorite venue continues to be the seashore with its surf and sand!

-Ryan N.
Baltimore, Maryland
Waited Too Long

My entire adult life thus far has been subjected to rules made to prevent embarrassment to the “business.” I have had to play by everyone else’s rules. Well for the first time I chose to take my first step of “independence” and took a visit to Haulover Beach. WOW! What a awareness alleviation! To be there, with all those lovely people who had no care what others thought of them…and there I was with them. How amazing it was to feel the sun on my whole body. Swimming in the ocean minus the confinement of a swimsuit. So gratifying. I can not wait for my next visit. Regrettably, here in Miami there aren’t any clothes optional communities, so I am planning a vacation to one in Central Florida. I can’t wait. I’m so thrilled with my new found life.

Miami, Florida
First time at nudist camp!

I was told about nude camp. Was interested! Did not go the very first year but the next I did go. What a freeing experience! I joined AANR the very next week and this year became an Associate member! I love it so much that I do proudly say I’m a nudist!

-Deb S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The possibility of seeing a nudist club fell into my lap out of the blue. In those days I was dating my wife Claudia, but we had not taken a step forward. We were just building up the friendship in those days. Then out of a blue I was having tea at her place, when her mother entered. Soon we got acquainted, then her mother mom asked me if I would like to join her and Claudia over the weekend at a nude resort. I found myself saying YES.All she guided me was to feel friendly with everyone.

The next Saturday morning we were on our way. When we reached there, all I can say it was a bare forest, but very well kept.

Soon they both got there, clothes away as if it was regular routine. I too needed to take off. I was shy a bit, but to my astonishment no one troubled to look at me. Claudia’s mother, seeing me hesitating a bit, offered to show me the resort. I was surprised to see naked girls/ women playing volleyball, other sports and swimming with nude guys. Not only this but men taking pictures of their relatives in nude. This made me feel comfortable.

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All I can say is it was a best weekend I ever had. I felt healthy, and noticed that I ‘d developed more self-confidence. Now My wife and I are regular members of that resort. We’ve made many friends there. I propose to all individuals around the world take a break and give your own life an opportunity to change.

Bochum, Armed forces Europe, Middle East, Africa, Canada
Greatest auto ride ever

I consider my first time experience to be when my(then future) wife and I were taking a road trip to Canada. It was in 1989 and we were driving up Interstate 81 through New York. was a beautiful day. My wife was driving the car and we had the windows down. We were both just enjoying the ride as well as the attractive landscape that was passing by and I started to get the feeling that I was wearing an excessive amount of clothes , and so I kicked off my shoes and got out of my top.

We drove along for a little while more and I began slipping my pants away. My wife looked at me and asked, “what are you doing?” I told her I was getting cozy. Not long after that I slipped out of my undies, and was cruising up Interstate 81 naked as a Jay bird.

It was fantastic! My wife thought I was insane. I think she still does but she’s stuck with me for nearly 20 years.

Now I understand that was not a group nudist experience but it was the very first time I declared myself a man who likes to be nude. I do have to likewise add that that car ride was the greatest memory I have of that trip.


I actually don’t think it was courageous, but I locked myself out

of the house once and was bare outside in the backyard. It was great outside so I really couldn’t stay out too long and wait for my wife to get home from work. The hide a key was out front and it was in the middle of the day. Had to go around front and get the key.

I could have run but decided simply to walk fast. Got the key and ended up injuring myself in the procedure. Should have concealed a key in the backyard.

After nudists family pics posted this answer I thought of one courageous thing I did do. About 3-4 years past, we went to our nude beach. We’d been there .

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We hadn’t met anyone yet and there was these two couples, one of the couples had their 3 kids with them. They were sculpting a mermaid in the sand. When they were almost ended I went down and looked over their creation and told them I had a polaroid camera in my back pack and also would shoot an image and give it to them when they had like.

I could have been questioned why I had a camera or camera-less, they might have thrown it in the ocean, however they liked me, so I shot the picture, gave it to them and we are good buddies with them today. The girls actually helped my wife feel better about social nudism so it all turned out great.

Many years ago I was reading through the little paper that our city puts out to advertise community events.

I found that our local art center offered a non-instructed life drawing course in which artists could show up with their preferred sketching media, pay a fee, and be given a nude model for three hours. I wondered what it’d be like to be that model, so I rode my bicycle down there to use. They hired me on the spot and asked me to cover the course for the subsequent Saturday.

It is typical of me to jump before I look, and so on the way home I started to see that I ‘d no idea what an art model does, since I had never been to this type of class. Im not exactly a graceful girl. I never took ballet or gymnastics in school. I ride horses and go camping and backpacking. So when I got home I made some phone calls and located a school art instructor who gave me some tips over the telephone. That Saturday I showed up to find about 15 adults milling about drinking Starbucks. Following the initial launches, I stepped up on the little period and disrobed to began my first ever poses. The amusing thing is that I was exceptionally nervous all morning until I took my clothes off. Once naked, I felt relaxed and comfortable and may feel myself taking charge of things. It was excellent!

A few days later the faculty art instructor called me back to see how things had gone. I told her I had adored it and that several of the artists had remarked that was the best model they had ever seen. She said, Great! So come work for me. Ill see you next Wednesday. After that my telephone was nearly ringing off the hook from other instructors with job offers.

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I wound up modeling all around town for a little over two years until I retired from it to god-fearing my time to a new horse with area issues that required a great deal of attention.

All in all it was a great time in my entire life that left me with many fun stories to tell when I’m a little old lady at the retirement home.

My wife and I seen a club for the first time. Actually

, it was our very first time at any given nudist facility.
Our previous experience had just been with a few select friends either in our hot tub or someone’s pool and typically included that bravery builder, alcohol. Now here we were sober, with complete strangers, and going to get bare. We were suddenly introduced to social nudism when we walked into the office. And we thought Fridays were everyday, hah. Our membership guides went out of their way to ease our anxieties, and although apprehensive, we took the plunge. While we’ve changed clothing in a parking lot before, we can actually say its the very first time we ever took all of it off. My God. Outside in the open. Where we could be observed. Are we insane?
Our guides gave us the tour and explained rules, etc.

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(Damn, everyone is nude.) In addition they gave us a history of the club and presented us to a number of the members. (Darn, we are naked also.) By time we made it to the beach, we were starting to relax. Well not completely, after all we do not have any clothing on in front of all of these individuals.
After lying in sunlight for awhile and slowly beginning to grow accustomed, we decided to take a walk across with all the trailers. Walking down the middle of the road, buck nude. Whoa, that is one we wouldn’t have believed we’d do. There are some very creative people. A number of the trailers and cottages were really nice. But the people were sitting on their decks, barbequing, doing care, and washing automobiles without a stitch of clothing. We are bordering on sensory overload now.
Getting back to the shore, we decided to shower. Between nerves as well as our hike, we had worked up quite a sweat. Another new encounter, taking in a shower, outdoor, nude, with every Tom, Dick, and Betty walking by or joining us. The brain has now gone dead. It can’t take anymore.
After our refreshing shower, Mother Nature chose to send some thunder boomies in. We wondered what nudists do when it rains. After all, there is no clothes to get wet. But we soon learned that it is cold, and whether or not it rains hard enough can hurt. Plus our towels (towels are our buddy we were told) would get wet. So we joined everyone in Keys Hall. It was getting near the membership societal hour anyway. While waiting, we talked to a really pleasant aged woman. We couldn’t help but reminded by that old Allen Funt picture “What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?” Since the brain is already dead, it didn’t register that we were speaking to an individual who could very well be our grandmother and she’s naked.
It was at the social hour the closing barriers were broke. Outside we could keep our space along with the invisible barrier, but here we were in extremely close proximity to naked men, women, and kids. Just as the brain was beginning to come back to life, it shut down again.
As the social hour was breaking up, the skies cleared. Everyone was getting ready for the luau, but unfortunately we had to leave and get back home to our daughter. After smelling the pig roasting all day long, it was a disappointment not in order to remain.
Seriously, after the first fears wore off, which really did not take long, had an enjoyable and relaxing day. All the members were very friendly and could not wait to brag about their club. Most of our dread was more on what to expect than the nudity aspect although body acceptance is perhaps the hardest part of a social naked surroundings. I did overlook my pockets. After all, what do I do with my hands?
Then it was back to the vehicle and what the hell?? We got to put clothing on. That sucks.

Love Being Naked

Many years back after losing my wife to breast cancer and tired of sitting in my house, I decided to get out and try new things. I approached the concept of going to a nudist resort with caution, but the thought kept nagging at me.

I’m in relatively good shape, etc., and eventually determined to give it a try. Like everyone, the first time was nerve wracking. I paced back and forth nude in my room until getting up the nerve to really go outside. It was only a couple of hours, and I was hooked. I like going every summer now, as frequently as I can. I find it to be the most relaxing and pleasurable thing I’ve ever done.

A Missed Opportunity

It absolutely was 1947 or 48. My family drove over to the coast. We spent the night in a motel at May’s Landing, NJ. The following morning Mother and Dad were discussing where to go. Father needed to really go to Sunshine Park but Mother wanted to go to Atlantic City. Eventually, they chose to ask my sister and I where we desired to go. We both decided Atlantic City.

Neither of us knew any thing about nudism and it wasn’t mentioned. I later found Sunshine and Health magazines in Dad’s underwear drawer after my sister went away to school and I inherited her occupation of putting away the laundry. I found the magazines intriguing. I liked the graphics!!

I started to read the magazines and found nudism interested me. I found a newsstand that sold nudist magazines and began to purchase them to read. After I graduated from high school I joined the Air Force. At that time the law sometimes raided nudist camps so I stayed away until I was discharged.

It was while I was in school which I visited my first nudist resort, Zoro Nature Park in Indiana. It was when I had become a part of a resort in California that I remembered May’s Landing from the time my sister and I decided to visit Atlantic City instead. Perhaps my family would have become nudist. I afterwards became a nudist, but I’m the only nudist in the family.

Another narrative, when I possess the time!

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada
From Skinny-Dipping to Living Clothing Free

My first actual nudist experience was in 1994 when I went to a nudist resort since I needed to go skinny dipping like I used to at the YMCA before it went coed and mandatory bathing suits.

As a youngster I were told that one didn’t go around naked, and while it was okay to change clothing in the existence of other men definitely it wasn’t done in front of females.

My first issue was that I I wasn’t certain how I could be comfortable nude in front of other folks for an extended amount of time for no reason when I felt uncomfortable just being naked alone. I faced this by becoming used to going around my house nude even when I did not have to be.

as soon as I arrived at the resort I was met by a bare man in the office who registered me and gave me the informative data on the resort. I was then directed to a parking lot where russian nude beach was met by another nude man who was going to give me a tour of the area. I undressed before the tour because even though no one understood me, I was not going to embarrass myself in public by seeming out of place.

My tour ended at the lake and because my reason for going there was so I really could swim bare I went into the water.

Later I took a short walk on my own. As I passed other people a smile and “Hello” was in order, the dearth of clothing was of no value.

I returned to the lake for more swimming and sunning.

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Before going home I took a warm shower in the round building that housed the showers. As the shower and adjoining hot tub made the drying area humid, I went outside. That did it for me. I was dried by the gentle breeze and the warm sunshine. That convinced me that this was how we were supposed to be. There was nothing disgraceful about being bare. I finished the remaining visits and interviews as soon as I could and became a member.

Little did I know at that time how much I would enjoy the relaxation of being nude. Since that visit I have joined other nudist organizations and attended plenty of nudist occasions. I have been on several naked cruises and now live in a clothing optional community where I can be nude constantly except when it is too cold or I am going into town.

Now, for me, being nude is my way of life.

-George W.
Paw Paw, West Virginia
First Nudist Encounter

My first nudist experience was in early June 2010. After moving to Florida the preceding year I began hunting the Web for nudist locations and discovered there were several about 70 miles away. I always wanted to attempt it and and did not understand if I ‘d the nerve. I went down to Paradise Lake Resort and after checking in and having a short tour I quickly proceeded to undress in the parking lot and head around to the pool place. It was not long before all my fears were gone. It felt so great to go into the pool and sunbathe with no bathing suit.

I met another couple that was there for the first time and everyone was so friendly. My wife never did undress and more than likely never will. No one cares what your body looks like, it’s just a comfortable feeling.

Now I am a routine at Lake Como, can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can head down there again. Additionally , I took part in the Skinny Dip last summer at Lake Como and had a blast. Once you go naked it is very difficult to need to wear a bathing suit at a public beach or pool. There is nothing like the bare lifestyle!

-Tom B.
The Villages, Florida
A Model Nudist, Component Two

I eventually modeled for the standard figure drawing course during the spring term. Alas, the young lady who had introduced me to this new profession never saw me model. The figure drawing class was little, only five students, and I got very comfortable posing for them. Toward the end of the semester, the instructor asked me to model for her general drawing course. I concurred, and I was somewhat shocked when I showed up for it. The room was packed. I went ahead and took everything off and got on the model stand. The class went great, and by the time it absolutely was over, I didn’t desire to get dressed. Almost everyone was quite friendly, and I wondered if the nudity was what made people open up.

I went home that summer, and by then, I’d learned to look in the classified ads of papers for all sorts of stuff. I found an ad for a nudist camp east of Dallas called the Ponderosa Ranch. After my modeling experience, I needed to go and experience this. I went on a Tuesday in late May. I was buzzed in and told to drive to the office. As I went up the dirt road, I saw a nude woman on her knees on the ground, working in a flower garden. I went in the office and paid my day fee to the naked lady there. I went back to the car and stripped down.

The camp wasn’t very packed, but I appreciated the pool and hot tub. A few teens arrived in the day, home from school. I wasn’t even 19 years old at the time, so these were close to my age. A couple of them disappeared, but two girls returned, bare, and went swimming. It was such a liberating experience to be naked and free around other people, particularly people of the opposite gender, and not feel any angst or tension.

as soon as I went back to the Ponderosa, it was on a Saturday, and there were many more people there. I stayed for the weekly dance, and found a liberty that I had never felt. I still hate to dance with clothes on. During every trip, I hated to put clothing on and leave. And I hated the coming of cold weather.

I am 44 years old now and really active in my church. I still model sometimes, and I still want to escape to a nudist resort whenever I can. I am fortunate to truly have a wife who enjoys nudism with me, and our children have taken to it as well. I actually don’t ever imagine a time when I could ever cease enjoying nude recreation.

-Dan H.
young nudist sex videos , Texas

It did not happen here; it occurred at the ends of the world.

I met a young man. Yes, I guess you could say that we had only just begun by then; he hadn’t even began wooing me. And somehow at a particular moment we found ourselves by the seaside. Not a soul around, waves pounding against the seashore, the moonlight in the sky.
Why do not we take a dip? – he says to me. But we haven’t got neither swimsuits nor towels with us, I say. He: look what a great evening, the water is so war, it will be a sin to miss this opportunity. We could swim nude! Well why not, I thought. The weather was extremely brilliant, warm and all. And though the moon was shining, the beach was poorly lit as the moon wasn’t complete. I shook off my slippers, afterward removed my jeans, undies and took off in the direction of the water. He followed me, but at some space and to the side.

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So there we are, swimming and keeping the proper distance. Having had enough of this we made it to the coast. I was leading again, and he was following me. I looked back to see him and though it was nearly pitch dark I thought I caught a glimpse of his natural ‘body’s reaction’, and it may seem silly, but it made me feel joyful!
We dressed somehow and continued walking in our wet tees. After that we bathed by nights several more times.
He then started trying to convince me to proceed to the seashore during daytime. He would say that we kinda learnt everything we could about night bathing and now it turned out to be a new challenge for all of us to do it during the day. I kept on saying no because I was really embarrassed by the thought of undressing in broad daylight, but I actually wanted to go. Then I made up my mind to do some ‘practicing’ during the daytime all by myself to begin with. I discovered a rugged beach with tremendous rubbles that I could jump from one to another. And so I started leaping. When I went so far from the shoreline to be sure no one sane would follow me here I stopped and got nude. Stark naked. I don’t know why, but I was literary trembling afterward. The sensation of being completely nude outdoors was intoxicating, and I attempted not to consider the likelihood of somebody else’s arriving to where I was.
I had a book with me, so I located a larger and more comfy debris, lay on it and started reading and having some remainder in general. The sun was shining, the waves were lapping against the shore, the coastline was unifying into distance, small yachts and motorboats took their lazy ramble over the waves. The feeling was serene and relaxing, and little by little I started to feel more comfortable. After a while I felt the need to pee. swinger beach tube was then that I recalled about the post I once read about an experiment carried out on a group of people to whom it was indicated to pee in their pants for a considerable amount of money. Regardless the amount was really remarkable, no one could bring themselves to do this. Same occurred to me: I slid off the debris, squatted and simply could not do it! And I truly needed to After all, I could go a little bit further and do my thing hiding behind the rubbles. But I felt inexplicably stubborn. So I put on my trousers, then lowered them and allow the conditional reflexes take over. While I squatted there relaxed doing my thing I was looking at the motorboat anchored at some space. That was when I believed I saw something flashing in the motorboat. In a blink of blog nudism drew a picture in my head with somebody armed with a spyglass overlooking my escapade. I felt like I bit off more than I could chew, I gathered my things and dressed up in no time, and now I was gone with my heart still thumping in my ears.
After that I ventured another couple of sorties which were managed with far more composure. In the end I conceded to proceed to the beach together with the young man. It was not half as scary as I ‘d imagined it to be, because the shore was deserted and there was no one but us there. We went there for some more times, and it was just once that we happened to meet some other folks there, but I never experienced such powerful emotions again.
My friendship together with the young man in question ended up quite regrettably, but I guess that’s a whole new narrative.

My very first visit to a club was when I was still married to my first wife. I learned of a club near where we lived, so I contacted it and received an invitation to visit.

My wife was a bit reluctant and consent to go only if she had the option of not undressing if she didn’t feel it was right. I concurred.
When we arrived at the club, it was disappointing, to say the least. It was little more than a few elderly mobile homes scattered around in a wooded area.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Worst of all, there were only five men there, and they were all men! Three adult men and two teenage boys!
They were naked, and greeted us warmly and encouraged us to “get comfortable”, which I have come to realize is Nudist-Speak for “take your clothes off_. I did undress, but didn’t. The men assured us they were anticipating some “families”, and that would mean women, of course, so we stayed and waited.
But when no others arrived, my wife was getting fidgety and believed most awkward being completely clothed with six naked males, so we were preparing to leave. I did go down to the pool, which was no more than a stock-watering tank and wanted to cool off before leaving. Since the others were quite a ways away, my wife got her courage up and quickly stripped-off her clothing and joined me. While we were in the water, both lads came by and were obviusly interested by the fact my wife was now naked.
When we got out of the water, I told my wife I’d meet her at the vehicle after telling the others we were leaving. To my surprise, she went with me and was bare before these other guys for many minutes before we did leave.
The men were veteran nudists and didn’t stare at her, but the boys were less able to conceal their interest in taking a look at her, but to her credit, she handled it very well.
Regrettably, that was our only visit to a nudist club collectively because we moved from that area shortly afterward. I wonder whether any others have had similar experiences.

When I was in my very early teens I used to strip off every time my parents were out of the house

and loved the feeling of being naked.
There were times once I went out in to the back yard and of the atmosphere all over my body was, and still is, indescrible. During my teen years I was not a recluse in my love of naturism and wouldn’t be afraid to declare to my love of being naked. Constantly in the context of the dialog, I never shoved it in peoples faces so to speak, but in the event the conversation had a leaning toward skinny dipping or the like I ‘d say that I have no problem joining in or taking part.
Right up to the day I got married I had not experienced social nudity like in a club or shore. Of course my wife knew of my love of being nude but at that time did not join me in my naked time. It was in the 2nd year of marriage that we wnt on a camping vacation to Europe with friends. We travelled through , Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. On the return trip we stopped for a couple of nights on the Isle of Sylt which is only off Germany near the boarder with Denmark. My wife was there when she was quite small as her family was stationed there with the RAF. There has been nude beaches on Sylt for years.
When we had set up the tent our friends went off into the town and I asked the wife if she wanted to check out the seashore. To this she agreed. It was only the other side of the road from where we had camped so off we went. We walked through the dunes and came out on to a great beach where everybody were naked. The wife looked at me and grinned saying go on then I understand you want to join in. So I did!!! This was my first time nude in a social setting and it felt fantastic to be bare with others who loved the same feeling I did.
We sat down on the beach and just relaxed for a while. The wife at this point was still textile. I’m not one for sitting around for extended periods and went for a walk along the waters edge. I’d like to add at this point that whilst we’d been in Sweden I ‘d sunbathed nude on a few affairs when we were in the dunes by ourselves and the wife had gone topless. On returning from my walk I spotted a sight that’ll stay with me forever, my wife was lying on her back absolutely bare.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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This was such a great sight that I have to admit it gave me my first erection on a nude beach. I did spend at least the next five minutes lying on my front in the sand.
She said that she had felt the odd one out with others bare around her so she joined in. When we decided we better walk back to the tent we merely picked up our clothes and walked as far as we dare before putting them back on to cross the dunes and also the road back to the camp site. On the walk back she explained that she now understood why I liked being nude as the feeling was out of this world and we made arrangements to spend more time on the shore the following day which was the last before the long drive home.
When we got back to the tent our pal were back from town and asked us where we had been so we told them we had been to check out the nude beach. They asked what it was like and if there were many people there. We responded by saying there were two more when we got there… you should have seen there faces.
From that day forward we have enjoyed a nudist lifestyle and not concealed the fact we’re nudists from friends or family. That was 37 years ago this summer. A number of the family however believe we’re wierd but who cares… we do not.
Propagate the word.. nude is greatest. Bob..