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    Excellent set, you two are hot.
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    Where are you stealing these?
    Any chance you have thicker pics? I'd like to use the 2nd one as my wallpaper.
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    plz post more!
    that was supreme
    Thnx cutie
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    Interesting story and photos.
    Well, a few commentors don't get the thrill of voyeurism/exhibitionism. There's slew in RC for them. Thanks from somone who gets it. You have flawless feet, by the way.
    like crazy and sh
    I agree with the others. Just pics of your very nice boner please.
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    Nudist pictures archive *** . . I'm Karen and I'm not feminist at all but when it gets hot in the bed I would rather control. My boyfriend has left for a business trip and I find myself calling my coworker and asking to come and shoot pics. of mine. He sounds excited having heard my unusual request and shows up in ten minutes over my position. Meeting him on the stairs nude with legs opened and shaved vagina appearing so appealing has shocked him and he's stuck in the doorway. I prefer to impress the lads! Couple minutes after I ask him to lie on the floor and that I stand above for him to take close up of my cunt. I adore playing female domination games particularly in such extreme circumstances.
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