Carmen electra beach nude

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  • Carmen electra beach nude
    B&W can be good - particularly in nudes - but some of the pics were soft concentrate or out of concentrate and this didn't work!
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    Carmen electra beach nude *** . . I really like sending in these contris, but I don't really like the "Tired girl" tag, guess I require a fresh one. It Began because some of my first shots are of me about the sofa. But now I like doing PICS in new ensembles like this buster Tom got me for my birthday. well have something nice to wear and it gives us a opportunity to use the camera. We really like hearing from you all. Its nice to hear from a lot of girls and I even got some from other nations too. That's quite exciting to me. Hope you all appreciate these, you will see more particularly In the event the Raiders can keep winning. LOL
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