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  • Denise richards beach
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    Denise richards beach *** . . Asian Jenn's Naked Truth I've decided to come clean, and get somethin goff my chest that's been disturbing me for quite a while now. So many Emails keep pouring in about the location of our school, and how ASB came to be. Firstly, we're not located in S. Cali...if that's what you guys believe, in fact, we are only a little bit north of there, which should make it pretty bloody obvious. Some would call it the arm pit of California. Right in the middle of the heat, you may find us roaming the campus. I'm still trying to recruit more girls in order to begin a third website, but for the time being, we will only continue doing what we do. Keep an eye out for Sandy coming next week on naturist and RC...she is a stunner! = P
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