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    loved the foot act too.... hot!
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    Ralph T
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    good pics but dont hide her face
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    Kinky!!!! Thanks for sharing however, and I hope your date went well. And wasn't too sore. :-)
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    Should have been posted on Private Shots nothing RC about this contri...!!!!!
    Would love to get my palms all over it!!
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    Nudist activity pictures *** . . Our trip to Vegas, this summer, included a particular night with Molly and Photodog. We all spent the day lounging around the poolside. Later we went out to dinner and dancing in our skimpy dresses. When we got back to the area, the guys were expecting a show. Molly and I took a long shower while they viewed us wash each other. Things simply steamed up from there...............We needed to share some of the shots, with our naturist lovers. Hope you all love seeing a hint of what went on. Thanks to Molly and Photodog, we had a fantastic time.
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