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  • Fkk kinderfoto
    Ms. Louise, you are still the best on Naturist site. Outstanding and the KITTY shots are awesome. You never disappoint. Thanks once again for sharing yourself with us all. Ed
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    oh my god u r amazing. I love freckles and u r driving me nuts! please send more or send them direct to me!
    you don't know Brunette? you must not pay attention.
    very hot please post more, again and again. XOXO
    your sexy body!
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    Fkk kinderfoto *** . . Hey all. This really is my closest friend Grace in her see-through black teddy. You might remember the images my hubby took of us together I believe they came out pretty good if I say so myself. Grace was staying with us at the time we took these pictures, but she's since moved back to Canada. Since she's so close she still visits us regularly. These were also taken this summer before it got so darn cold. We all know that we've a group more people in the pool but we can't find them. We'll keep trying, because those were pretty great too.
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