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    You need to be more selective in picking the photos to post as #5 isn't flattering, and I concur with needing Photoshop and the healing implement to liquidate the injuries. Your natural hair is much nicer, as seen in former submissions. Sticking your tongue out doesn't work either. Make it joy sharing your feminine form, and turning each photo-shoot into a class at getting finer at posing and your photographer honing his abilities with the camera. Back in the 70s I did this on film and in the darkroom, taking each week's work to a class on nude photography. It was a wonderful learning practice and just plain joy, with a wifey who luved participating.
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    Damn she is fucking insanely sexy!
    Get your self a razor!!!!!
    Smooches Gemma.
    FAKE!! Her head is photoshopped on these pics. Look at the first-ever two. Glasses and hair aren't the same. Shame
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    Male nudist *** . . One includes my first ever big black cock that I Have been curious about - I believe most girls are if they are being honest. The second includes my terrible little fantasy involving a wonderful pre op transexual - the thought of female sensuality, breasts and curves, with all the added extra of a stiff and genuine ramming has consistently turned me on. I understand I must sound as a proper slut but hey, we live once! We have identified solutions to get both dreams, now its only down to me to determine. Any opinions or advice would be of great interest. And do permit me to know exactly what you think of my pictures. XXX
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