Nude couples copulating awesone

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  • Nude couples copulating awesone
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    Nude couples copulating awesone *** . . Here are a few more pictures of my wife of 35 years, Yvonne. Photos from 18 to 50. Please excuse as she will not want her face shown as she still is a practicing solicitor. Perhaps when she goes to bed she will permit, although not for now. She needs to keep working as for some time, as I'm a "kept man" and stay at home and with the "tank" in the market, considerably $$ has been lost. She has but on a little weight recently, and doesn't desire me to shoot any more pictures till she drops 10 pounds. She's on a serious low- carb diet and excicise program, so perhaps it will not take too long. Please comment should you want more. Yvonne and Ol' Fart.
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