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  • Nudist caught
    the photographer has done a excellent job in styling this shoot
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    Too bad you didn't get a pic of the doll with her back to the camera in picture Five. Mom looks good too, tho'. (Grandma in opening pix, not so much, but still a good contribution...) Thanks!
    Of course you have to share her with me. No question about it.
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    trim that thing, only Four pics shame on you
  • Description
    Nudist caught *** . . Here is part two from the most recent time that I had Kira over. I love how she looks in this sweater and her panties, and it's the best winter ensemble, IMHO. To get a woman that is so coy and bashful, I think she this appearance is a comfortable mix of nice and bad woman that works for her, and when anything, it actually made me want to just yank her thong aside and have access to her (when we talked online, she told me that was one of her enormous fantasies). Of all the times we have gotten together, these photos are probably my favorite.
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